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Edit Text in Order Confirmation Email


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I have a client that wants the text edited in an email confirmation that's sent out when an order is made.

What file do I need to modify to do this? I know it's either the "checkout_process or checkout_success" php file.


The client literally just wants one word changed in the email. How and what do I need to do to make this exact edit?

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Just wondering, how it comes that you take osCommerce projects and have clients if you don't know where and how to do a simple text change. No offense please, but your client could come himself to ask this kind of questions, and save his money.


Anyway, the file is catalog/includes/languages/english/checkout_process.php

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Well, I've done sites in CSS, HTML, and Flash. I haven't had many clients that used OS Commerce or at least required heavy modification of it. I just want to know what I need to modify in the checkout_process file.


The editing of this store has now become mandatory .

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I just want to know what I need to modify in the checkout_process file.


The file to edit is NOT catalog/checkout_process.php but catalog/includes/languages/english/checkout_process.php


It will be easy to identify the part of text you want to change, eg if the text say "hello" and your client want "kuku", you replace just that


Did you open the file and didn't found the words you want to change?

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This is all I see in the file:





$Id: checkout_process.php,v 1.26 2002/11/01 04:22:05 hpdl Exp $


osCommerce, Open Source E-Commerce Solutions



Copyright © 2002 osCommerce


Released under the GNU General Public License



define('EMAIL_TEXT_SUBJECT', 'Order Process');

define('EMAIL_TEXT_ORDER_NUMBER', 'Order Number:');

define('EMAIL_TEXT_INVOICE_URL', 'Detailed Invoice:');

define('EMAIL_TEXT_DATE_ORDERED', 'Date Ordered:');

define('EMAIL_TEXT_PRODUCTS', 'Products');

define('EMAIL_TEXT_SUBTOTAL', 'Sub-Total:');

define('EMAIL_TEXT_TAX', 'Tax: ');

define('EMAIL_TEXT_SHIPPING', 'Shipping: ');

define('EMAIL_TEXT_TOTAL', 'Total: ');

define('EMAIL_TEXT_DELIVERY_ADDRESS', 'Delivery Address');

define('EMAIL_TEXT_BILLING_ADDRESS', 'Billing Address');

define('EMAIL_TEXT_PAYMENT_METHOD', 'Payment Method');


define('EMAIL_SEPARATOR', '------------------------------------------------------');

define('TEXT_EMAIL_VIA', 'via');




The client is saying: Orders need to say SHIPPED and not DELIVERED when we close the order out.

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UHTML contribution for 2.3.1


copy and paste a nice looking html email into that - add some php defines in the laguage pages (helps for both none and htmls emails).


Then if you client expects more you can dress it up as you like.


the info on install also provides a good to understanding all email traffic.




hope this helps

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Like Sance21, I had the same question and downloaded and followed the instructions for UHTML. However, after uploading the files I see I have numerous checkout_process.php files located as indicated below:







Being unfamiliar with editing files, I am not sure if I should have so many checkout_process.php files;

secondly, which are the ones I need to edit and add the lines as explained in the installation text of UHTML.


Please help.

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have a look at my last post and follow the link - follow the instructions, I installed it some time ago with great results. I have now havily modded the addon with many custom features.


dont get me wrong tho, the addon is much much better than the stock osc version, but you will need to do some coding in both php and html to format your email.


sorry i carnt be more help.

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