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Paypal module that doesn't place order before customer hits confirm?


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Looking at different osC Paypal module options, and cannot seem to find one that does not place the order before the customer has actually hit the "confirm order" button. The exception, I suppose, would be Paypal WPP - are there any alternatives that have the functionality I'm looking for?


Thank you in advance, any advice appreciated :)



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All the new PayPal modules saves the order before or when the customer clicks on the "confirm order" button.


This is so that if the customer does not return back after having payed at PayPal the order is still available.


On the other hand if the customer do not complete the payment at PayPal you are left with an "orphan" order.


There were some version of the PayPal modules included in older versions of oscommerce which would not save the order until the customer returned back after having made a successful payment , but if the customer made the payment and for some reason did not return back to your shop then no order would be recorded. Ie. a customer had payed for an order but your cart system have no order registered nor any info on what this customer actually had ordered.

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The current module we are using right now saves the order when the customer gets to the confirmation screen, meaning if they don't click "submit order", there is still already one created (this is an older paypal IPN module). Are there any current ones that don't require paypal payments pro, that generate the order only when the "submit order" button is clicked (not before)? Any good ones you'd recommend?



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[bumping this, as it's related to a post I made on the same subject, just worded a heck of a lot better. This way any ideas & solutions given here will help all of us.]


I'm having the same issue. There must be a way to force the cart to generate the order only when the "submit" button is clicked (not before, and not when the customer is returned to the site from Paypal). I just wish I knew how. Can anyone help?

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