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I have a problem with the contribution Support System



Sorry, if this was posted before. I suggest to the osc forum administrators to add a form to search the ID of the addon. Not by name or date added. It will be more precisely and this will avoid duplicated content.


In the Tickets Support System my problem is with the catalog/support_info.php


The ticket details always says:



The code for it:

<td width="30%" valign="top"><iframe id="messages_show" name="messages_show" scrolling="auto" width="100%" height="300" src="support_iframe.php?ticket_id=<?php echo $ticket_id; ?>" border="0"> 
<textarea readonly cols=100 rows=10 style="color:#ff0000"><?php echo ((strlen($ticket['ticket_comments']) > 0) ? nl2br($ticket['ticket_comments']) : '<i>' . TEXT_NO_COMMENTS_AVAILABLE . '</i>'); ?></textarea>


What could be the problem?? My host doesnt permit iframes or what??


Is there a best ticket support addon based on contact_us.php page???

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You are missing the language definition, like this:


define('TEXT_NO_COMMENTS_AVAILABLE', 'No Comments Available');


This would be in the english.php or their could be a support.php file in the /includes/languages/english/ directory





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Sorry again,


now is defined and translated. But not the problem.

http:// www .myweb .com /support_info.php?page=&ticket_id=1


Under the Ticket details always says:

"No information submitted"


But in admin I submited diferent answers for the tickets. Is there a problem with the query?

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I think the problem is the IFRAME , Of the archive support_iframe.php


especially in:

<?php echo ((strlen($thiscomments) > 0) ? nl2br($thiscomments) : '<i>' . TEXT_NO_COMMENTS_AVAILABLE . '</i>'); ?>


Im thinking on remove the iframe and modify the code to echo the database info.



Edited by bhbilbao
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