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The e-commerce.

Version 2.2 vs 2.3


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2.2 rc2a is by default not secure, additionally it has depreciated php functions. All this however, can be fixed.


2.3.1 is secured and has no currently depreciated functions, but does lack some contribution support. The only one that has prevented me from going for full 2.3.1 is Simple Template System, others I use or would use can easily be modified or have been modified to work with 2.3.1.


So IMO there are 2 reasons to stay with 2.2 rc2a.

A: You use Simple Template System and really like it.

B: You have custom code that can't be imported or would be expensive to re-write for 2.3.1


If neither of those are an issue, 2.3.1 is what you should run for security and know that further upgrades to the Oscommerce Package will require you to have 2.3.1 first.

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2.3.1 has a some more bells and whistles. Most notably it's a tad easier to use ThemeSwitcher to quickly switch box colors and what have you. Additionally, I like the ability to remove infoboxes or designate what column to put them in from the admin panel. Most popular addons like HeaderTags, Feeders, payments, all have been updated to work.


Downside is not all css is in the theme and you still have to manually edit some of the css,


From my experience (I don't have a live 2.3.1) only a testing site it has all the core functionality of 2.2 and then some. Again the only thing I personally don't like is lack of STS for it. If my memory serves Bill K. stated he isn't going to bother trying to get it to work for 2.3.1 either.

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