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The e-commerce.

Still can't get paypal/oscommerce to work together! Help plz


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Using oscommerce 2.3.1. Set up API in paypal, put the credentials in the appropriate fields, ran a test, says all set up okay for live use, return URL is to checkout_procedure.php, but each time I click the final "buy" on paypal, I get back to my shop, now logged out, and it says "Your shopping basket is empty!". I log back into the shop, and the item is still in the shopping basket. I'm beginning to think now this is a bug in 2.3.1?


Any ideas anyone?


Thanks in advance,


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return URL is to checkout_procedure.php


This URL is wrong.


Another thing is that when you are returning from paypal for some reason your session is getting destroyed or previous session ID is getting lost.


You need to look into that.



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Well, an earlier post I made said to ensure Checkout_procedure.php was used! SO what IS the right return URL?


And I've looked into session stuff so many times I think I'm going blind... there doesn't really seem to be much in oscommerce about it... can you give any specifics? Pretty please :)

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I am having problem with checkout using paypal standard. Upon completing check out, the customer receives an error message which prevents them from completing the trasaction. Paypal ran a test and says they are receiving a variable address_override=1 which is causing the error. Does anyone know how to correct this?

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