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The e-commerce.

Currency issue - code error


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New user - no coding experience so please bear with me.

Have installed via - Cpanel a one click oscommerce setup.

Great - altered colours sizes and variations etc.

We are located in Australia. altered currency displays correctly.


then paypal sandbox - error advises merchant - does not accept this currency.

and the oscommerce site also gives this error at currency update.

Warning: The primary exchange rate server (oanda) failed for AUD (AUD) - trying the secondary exchange rate server. error.gif Error: The exchange rate for AUD (AUD) was not updated via xe. Is it a valid currency code?


Have removed all other currencies and changed php to AUD - have tried the other codes as listed

AU and AUS = same errors..


Is there a list of exhange codes for countries somewhere or any other hints grateful for any assistance here.

And its is v 2.2RC2 that was in cpanel

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Have you changed the currency in /includes/languages/english.php?


// if USE_DEFAULT_LANGUAGE_CURRENCY is true, use the following currency, instead of the applications default currency (used when changing language)


And made the default currency in the shop admin?


You can also see come good tips in the installation forum in the first 2 threads.





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Australian currency symbol is AUD and not AU you need to first correct that.



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First of all, the code AUD is the right code.


I have tried it, and get the same error.


It seems, that the code in localisation.php dont find the result of the answer from www.oanda.com


function quote_oanda_currency($code, $base = DEFAULT_CURRENCY) {

$page = file('http://www.oanda.com/convert/fxdaily?value=1&redirected=1&exch=' . $code . '&format=CSV&dest=Get+Table&sel_list=AUD');

$match = array();


preg_match('/(.+),(\w{3}),([0-9.]+),([0-9.]+)/i', implode('', $page), $match);

if (sizeof($match) > 0) {

return $match[3];

} else {

return false;




The line preg_match('/(.+),(\w{3}),([0-9.]+),([0-9.]+)/i', implode('', $page), $match); gives sometimes a empty result. By trying the update of currencies 6 times i got an answer and the currencies were updated.


The second server xe semms to have changed the script for converting currencies, so that there never will be a correct answer.

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Thankyou all - as tomcat states Did put back to AUD - updated several times. - shopping cart and currencies no longer give errors..Appears to be working correctly now..

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