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Sitemap for just products


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Hi I have been looking for a way to implement a site map which is just the products in the shop and have them split over a few pages say 40 links a page. Just a simple html link

i have found a contribution but it lists in categories and as some of my products are in more than one category it doubles up.

At the moment i maintain my sitemap manually but i would love to find a way to automate it and if possible run it from a cache so it doesn't query the database on every load

Any ideas gratefully accepted.


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Many thanks I have checked it out. I just wondered if there was a simpler way without Database changes etc as it is only pulling data that already exists. I guess I just need to pull the name and product link and then work out how to have 40 links per page and then spread them over a number of pages. Hmmm

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