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Modifying includes\header.php


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I am fairly new to osCommerce but I have a osCommerce site that is slow loading up pages. It seems that it's getting stuck when it's loading the header.php page - specifically the "Brands" drop down menu. It looks like the code that includes the "brands.php" that builds that drop down is in the header.php page. For trouble shooting purposes I comment out this line <td width="21%" align="center"><?php //include(DIR_WS_BOXES . 'brand.php');?></td> in the header.php page and uploaded the page back to the site. I refreshed the index.php page expecting to not see the "shop by brands" drop down but it was still there. When looking at the source for the page the code for the brands pull-down was still showing up - so it looks like the older version of header.php is being used.


Is there some trick to updating this file? After I upload the file is there some utility that I need to run to let osCommerce know that the file has been updated?


Thanks for you help with this...

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By default the header in osCommerce comes from file catalog/includes/header.php, except the case you have some template or template system installed (eg STS for version 2.2)


Since you have the brand.php inclusion in the file you found, we can assume that this is the header that you see on the store


Why does it not change?

- Did you really upload the file? Did you check on the server?

- are you sure that this is the file that generates the drop down? Maybe you have other stuff in the header too?


In any case there is nothing else to do when updating a file than to replace it on the server

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