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Shipping Count Down Clock


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It would be great that somebody will help me.


I am new in this but I am trying to create a count down shipping clock for my online shop where it will say something like that "Order in the next 2 hours 49 minutes and to ship tomorrow". And I almost made it working. It works on all the days except on Saturday. Please, tell me where did I made a mistake or am I missing something to make it work perfectly. I believe it that it could be done simpler but....


This is the code:





<script type="text/javascript">

function ord()


var h_r = 3;


var dd = new Date();


var ti_h = dd.getHours();


var ti_m = dd.getMinutes();


dd.setDate (dd.getDate() + 1)


var tz = -dd.getTimezoneOffset()/60;


var weekday=new Array(7);









if (ti_h = - 4 - tz + ti_h)




if(ti_h > h_r)



var di_t_h = ti_h - h_r;


var di_t_mi = 60 - ti_m;


var h = 11 - di_t_h;


var mi = di_t_mi;


var mess = h + " hours "

var mess1 = mi+" minutes ";






{if (mess < 0 + " hours ")

{if (weekday[dd.getDay() + 1] != 0)


document.write("Order <strong>NOW</strong> to ship on " + weekday[dd.getDay() + 1] );



else {document.write("Order <strong>NOW</strong> and your order will be shipped on <strong>MONDAY<\strong>");




else {


var da = dd.getDay();


//var da = document.getElementById("da").value;




case 1:

case 2:

case 3:

case 4:

case 5:

document.write("Order in the next <br>");


document.write(mess.fontsize(3) );

document.write(mess1.fontsize(3)+ "<br>");

document.write(" for shipping <br> TOMORROW: <br>");


document.write(dd.toLocaleDateString()+ ".");



case 6:

case 7:

document.write("Order <strong>NOW</strong> and your order will be shipped on Monday");










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