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Image filename attaches to product URL


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I've some weird url problem, The images file names attaches to product URL.

I have not found this in viewing page source, but spiders(including Google and other major) seems to get this right giving many 404 errors


I tried disabling piece by piece of the product_info.php page to pinpoint the faulty addon that's causing this to happen but could still not locate the error.


With W3 link validator http://validator.w3.org/checklink i could see how the 404's is generated - about 40 per product page


Url would be http://shop.xxxxxxxx.com/product_category_name/product_name/images/buttons/button_in_cart.gif

others ending e.g. , box_products_notifications.gif, /images/infobox/arrow_right.gif, /stylesheet_cat.css and even /password_forgotten.php


This happens to images that is linked and not linked including info box images and manufacturers image - there's seems to be no correlation how it is apended


Anyone with suggestions or solutions, PLEASE help

Getting the Phoenix off the ground

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The product_category_name/product_name/ certainly looks out of place for an image reference. That looks like an SEO problem. Have you tried disabling any add-ons or settings for SEO? What version of osC are you running, with what add-ons? I'm guessing this, but if everything else works OK, some .htaccess code to strip out the category and product names from the URL (if an image file) might work. What happens when you view the site yourself? Do images show that strange URL, or are they normal? (Right click on an image and view its properties, including the URL) If OK for you, might there be anything in add-on (SEO) PHP code or even in .htaccess on incoming requests generating different URLs based on USER_AGENT or the like?

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Thanks Pill


Yes, you're right - Ultimate_Seo_Urls_5

Viewing source code it reveals nothing out of order, links everything works and displays correctly

With link checker the anomaly is revealed


When disabling addon in admin - I get no errors via link checker


Where to start looking for the error code?? Addons A-Z installed

the .htaccess changes is as per addon changed.


Let me know if I can send you a detailed link report

Getting the Phoenix off the ground

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Well, I'm not familiar with the innards of that add-on, so I'd only be guessing here. "Addons A-Z installed" means you have lots of add-ons, and have a list of them? I suppose any one of them could be interacting with Ultimate SEO URLS 5. Have you tried contacting the author/maintainter of that add-on? There should be a support thread around somewhere (the add-on page should point to it). You might also disable another add-on that affects URLs and/or the .htaccess file, and re-enable USU5, and see if the problem still goes away. Then you would know it's an interaction between the two. Unforunately, at that point you will either have to persuade one of the add-on authors to fix the code, or learn to live without one or the other, or try to find someone willing to deal with it (not me -- I'm trying to drain a swamp, and I'm up to my @$$ in angry alligators).


One last thing to check: what is the HTML produced for a typical failing link? That is, what is the image's URL? Does it include the category and product name? If not, is there some kind of <base> tag around (I don't recall the exact name) that specifies that category and product name are to be added to all links? That could be the offender.

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