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Add to Cart Link - Not Working


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Thanks Tim. I logged into the admin area and I saw what you were referring to. It was set to "True". I am still having an issue. It seems that if someone is on the products_info.php page ( http://www.mts-diesel.com/product_info.php?manufacturers_id=&products_id=137 ) the "Add to Cart" buttons works fine and takes the shopper to the cart contents page. But if a shopper is on the index.php page, such as http://www.mts-diesel.com/index.php?cPath=1_11_19 then nothing happens. I'm really at a loss to understand why this is. Any further help would be so appreciated. Tom

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Your first link takes you to the shopping cart page. the second link adds to cart but gives a pop up stating the item was added to cart.

Judging by the lorem ipsum text, you have a template and the solution is way beyond my level of help.



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Probably due to the javascript error on the main page.


It works in Firefox (3.0) even with the javascript error, but my IE7 chokes.


The error console in Firefox tells me:


Error: $(".cart_status").dialog is not a function
Source File: http://www.mts-diesel.com/javascript/osc_cart.js
Line: 310


Talk with the template supplier - you were sold a defective product looks to me like.

If I suggest you edit any file(s) make a backup first - I'm not perfect and neither are you.


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