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inserting user registration into two tables


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Good Morning Everyone,

Would someone please point me in the right direction? I have two installs of OSC 2.3 running. One is for our on sale products, and the other is for our top sellers.

When i added the second cart it created a new table in my existing database:



When A user registers with our closeout section, I need it to insert there information into both tables. The reason for this is that our processor only allows one response page. So I’m trying to direct sales from either cart into the one response page. This works up two a point, the issue I found is that when a purchase is made through the "Closeout" section it process’s the card successfully but it doesn’t complete the order. I believe this is due to the user information isn’t stored in the main table, so when the order_process checks to see if the user is there it can’t find them. It just sends the user back to the login page. I don't receive a confirmation email or an order in my closeout’s admin section.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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What you are trying to accomplish will NEVER work with a standard login script from osCommerce because the customer information would have to be written to both tables, the assigned customer ID would have to be identical on both tables.


To make it work, you would need a NEW create account page that would write to both sets of customers, customer_info, customers_address tables in both databases. This would need to be custom coded and you would have to ensure that the assigned ID is identical in both databases to start with.




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