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Broken site


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Ok so i did the number 1 don't do, overwrite files which werent backed up (in all fairness i did think they where its only in hindsight i realize they weren't)


basically i was trying to install the google checkout system, realized it wasn't going to work without a lot of trouble i decided i would revert the changes i had made, whilst i still knew what those changes were.


the files that were modified :













now some of these files i had locally must've been different to the ones i had live, so even though i got backups of the files locally before changing them i didn't get copies of the live versions which i evidently replaced.

athe last few things i done was install the standard Paypal Web Payment Standard Module, ive always had the express one installed but i turned that to be inactive but still installed.


so basically the files i currently have are without any google coding in, but somehow different to what was on the server, which i can only think of is something that got changed when i installed the paypal standard module through the admin site.


there are two things that i have noticed broken on the website so far, one is on the front end, one on the admin end.


the front end error occurs when going trying to view the shopping cart. screenshot below.

the admin error occurs when trying to access the payment module section on the left of the admin page. screenshot below.

EDIT : not just the payment module, any link in the module box


the website is www.hughes-meats.com


I'm looking for any sort of help on how i can return my site back to working condition quickly and effectively? perhaps if someone can tell me what code gets changed when you install the paypal standard module through the admin control then i might be able to work it out.


thanks in advance!!



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Look closely at the errors.


The first one is saying you are missing the column_left.php file. Is it still on your server?


The second one is saying you are missing the module1.php file.


Basically the "main" file is saying I require this and because it can't find it, it returns the error.


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man i feel like such a n00b.....please delete this thread it is the highest degree of idiocy! i was overwriting files in my old test folder on the my server, wasn't even changing the live site. problem solved. now the websites working again i'm off to kill myself.


thanks for the help matt sorry for wasting your time reading that entire post!

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[....] i'm off to kill myself. [....]


Please don't, we all enjoy it to read your posts and watch your doings :)


And don't worry, things like this, and worse, can - and did - happen to everyone

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