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The e-commerce.

Can't access shop admin files, any ideas?


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My webshop is at www.sallypointer.com/shop and is working fine, when I get an order notifiation in my email I usually acess the admin side of the shop via www.sallypointer.com/shop/admin, then password. Today, its returning me an error message and I can't find a way into the admin end of the shop. I have checked with my web host and they are showing no errors from their end and have said its something on the oscommere side, but I have no idea where to start to get it working again.


Please can anyone give me any suggestions on how I can restore access to the admin side of the shop.

thank you

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Have you tried to install another version of osc such as a template?


It looks like it is trying to access a partially installed shop.


Also you really must secure your site there just a few steps to do this, a link to them in in my profile. (Don't do this and you will get hacked)





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Thanks for the response, have just renamed the admin file as you suggested, will try to get my head round the rest of your security advice later, don't want to alter too much until I can work out why I can't get into the shop in case it confuses me even further


The shop/oscommerce thing itself hasn't been altered at all, the the only thing on my site that has changed recently is that the immediately visible bit of my main website is now being run using wordpress in the root directory, but I'm not sure what to check to see if that has altered any of the paths to the shop thus making it go wrong. Orders are coming in ok, which is a relief as people can clearly get into the shop ok from teh customer perspective, I just can't get into the files that used to be called the admin files

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