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Ebook Downloads, osC v2.3


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I just did a new install of osC v2.3 and so far have not touched the code. I have previously used osC v 2.2 MS2 for a long time, so most setting options are familiar. My download function worked with 2.2, but there were other issues that made me want to get to some 'clean' code.


I made sure to carefully follow the setup instructions for download in the osC Knowledge Base. In fact, I have checked and re-checked. But my download function will not work. The purchase of print books works and PayPal works. But when I test out an ebook, it sends a receipt like a print book.


Downloads is enabled. The attributes file points to the right file name and seems to be set properly. The config file points the right place where I have the ebooks.


I have searched this forum, but not found anything that seemed different that I need to do.


Highly frustrating! I'm sure it is something simple, but can't figure it out. Please help! Thanks.

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A common problem for the download link not showing is a missing file extension when entering the file in the attributes section. Each file will have a .pgf or .zip at the end, or something similar.


I sell lots of downloads and i use the downloads file helper contribution to help with the filename.


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