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I'm at a total loss for an answer


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I have product that was entered in August and now September. They all show under What's New on the left column and on the index page as New Products for "current month".


I had posted a version of this question before but maybe I posted it in an unclear manner.


I like the new products for the current month showing but old product shouldn't be in the same section. I've looked at the admin options til I'm blue in the face but don't seem to be able to find an answer.


www dot kennysdiscus dot com

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As previously stated, 'new products' are not necessarily for that month. If you don't enter ANY products for September the last entered products will remain in the NEW products listing until they are replaced by newer products.


You COULD change it to randomize products, so the page seems to change with each click....- OR - you can replace the new products with the Featured Products module and choose which products you want to display and for how long.


You can repost this question a million times, but reposting it won't give you a different answer.





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Why then does it fill in the variable for the current month?


Am I better of removing the "What's New" module and changing the title on the "home page" from "What's New for (the current month) to "Current Stock for...?

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