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Hii All


Im using osCommerce 2.2-MS2 with osCommerce_PayPal_IPN_v2.3.3 and KGT Discount coupon code module dc_autoinstaller_2.14_2_1


And i did some changes found on forum.

But still my discount amount does not transfer to paypal.blink.png It shows total amount without applying Discount percentage.

When i try with bank transfer payment method it shows correct amount. If i used paypal payment method after first using

bank transfer payment method, then paypal also shows correct discounted total amount.

But if i try paypal as a payment method at the first place, it doesnt show discounted total.


I tried installing different paypal IPNs and discount module versions. But still my problem same.

If you guys have any idea how to fix this error please help me. i really appriciate any level of help.

Thank you so much in advance.



i did following changes.




1) I selected aggregate instead of individual On transaction type.






FIND around line 195:



$sql_data_array = array('orders_id' => $insert_id,

'orders_status_id' => $order->info['order_status'],

'date_added' => 'now()',

'customer_notified' => '0',

'comments' => $order->info['comments']);

tep_db_perform(TABLE_ORDERS_STATUS_HISTORY, $sql_data_array);





ADD this code after:


//kgt - discount coupons

if( tep_session_is_registered( 'coupon' ) && is_object( $order->coupon ) ) {

$sql_data_array = array( 'coupons_id' => $order->coupon->coupon['coupons_id'],

'orders_id' => $insert_id );

tep_db_perform( TABLE_DISCOUNT_COUPONS_TO_ORDERS, $sql_data_array );


//end kgt - discount coupons




FIND around line 493:


// unregister session variables used during checkout









ADD this code after:


//kgt - discount coupons


//end kgt - discount coupons









$parameters['amount'] = number_format(($subtotal + $order->info['tax']) * $currencies->get_value($my_currency), $currencies->get_decimal_places($my_currency));

} else {

// default

$parameters['amount'] = number_format($subtotal * $currencies->get_value($my_currency), $currencies->get_decimal_places($my_currency));

$parameters['tax'] = number_format($order->info['tax'] * $currencies->get_value($my_currency), $currencies->get_decimal_places($my_currency));




Updated to THIS :




if (isset($order_total['ot_gv']) || isset($order_total['ot_coupon'])) {

//the discount will apply to the order total

$parameters['amount'] = number_format((($subtotal + $order->info['tax'] + $shipping) * $currencies->get_value($my_currency)) - $order_total['ot_gv'] - $order_total['ot_coupon'], $currencies->get_decimal_places($my_currency));


$parameters['amount'] = number_format(($subtotal + $order->info['tax'] + $shipping) * $currencies->get_value($my_currency), $currencies->get_decimal_places($my_currency));



} else {

// default

$parameters['amount'] = number_format(($subtotal + $shipping) * $currencies->get_value($my_currency), $currencies->get_decimal_places($my_currency));

$parameters['tax'] = number_format($order->info['tax'] * $currencies->get_value($my_currency), $currencies->get_decimal_places($my_currency));


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The KGT Discount coupon code is different to Credit Class & Gift Voucher module, this is a reason it doesn't work and the $order_total['ot_gv'] and $order_total['ot_coupon'] is irrelevant.

Please read this line: Do you want to find all the answers to your questions? click here. As for contribution database it's located here!

8 people out of 10 don't bother to read installation manuals. I can recommend: if you can't read the installation manual, don't bother to install any contribution yourself.

Before installing contribution or editing/updating/deleting any files, do the full backup, it will save to you & everyone here on the forum time to fix your issues.

Any issues with oscommerce, I am here to help you.

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