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Paypal Setup for osCommerce v2.3


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I can honestly say that my head is officially spinning in trying to figure out my Paypal setup for osCommerce version 2.3


I have read that ipn.php should be found in /catalog/ ..... well, guess what, I don't see a file by that name there. Then I'm seeing references to \catalog\includes\modules\payment\paypay_ipn.php files .... well, guess what, I don't see a file by that name either.


So I'm hoping that someone can provide me a doc, a link or something that FULLY explains the setup of Paypal Standard on osCommerce version 2.3.1




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You don't need PayPal IPN for osCommerce v2.3.1. Use PayPal Standard and enter the PayPal Certificate information received from PayPal. This allows for cross communication between PayPal servers and your site. (like IPN did)






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Thanks for your quick reply to my question as my mind is swimming in confussion over this. :)


So a couple of additional questions:


1. When you say "use PayPal Standard" are you referring to my settings on my Paypal account?

2. Where do I find my Certificate Information from Paypal and where do I put that information into osCommerce? In the admin pages?


Thanks so much Chris for helping me with this.

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I have done all this and when ever I go to run a test payment it comes back and states

"invalid merchant account"


I'm at a complete loss filled in all the info with all api settings but still not working :S


thanks add

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