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Where is the Addon that allows shipping fees based on weights in attributes?

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Now, before you tell me to search....

I've done that.

I've downloaded at least 10 addons that looked promising, but none do what I need.

I know this thing is out here -- or a combo. But, I'd rather not download 100 things.


We use weight in the attributes. We can have attributes weighing from less than an ounce to over 5 pounds.


I found the weights in attributes addon. Works great!


I've found the various shipping addons that ship base fees on weight.


I can not find a shipping addon that can base shipping fees on weight in the ATTRIBUTE -- not the product.


Can anyone steer me to the righ place?


Thanks much, and thank you kindly. :thumbsup:

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Hello people.


FILE: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/1622


I download this componente and it has 2 files: products_attributes.php that i replace in catalog/admin/ directory


That part works fine and i can add the new attribut weight in admin area for each product.


The problem is that the price for shipping is not incremented in checkout cart.



IN SQL I add at products_attributes

`options_values_weight` decimal(15,2) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0.00',


It look like this:


products_attributes_id products_id options_id options_values_id options_values_price price_prefix options_values_weight

34 216 2 7 0.0000 + 0.00

35 216 2 8 16.0000 + 50.00



When costumer choose second option it increase price (options_values_price) beacause the product is bigger, but not the options_values_weight to increase shipping price in checkout_shipping.php.



The file zip that I download had also a txt file that says:

"This contribution is a modified version of v0.1 to work with pca_prod_attrib_1.00.

Just replace this file with the original catalog/admin/products_attributes.php

This is not full copy. Download full copy below.

All credit goes to respective contributor."



Download full copy below????? what I missed?

pca_prod_attrib_1.00???? I do not find it anyhere



can someone please explain me how can I add the options_values_weight to the total weight for shipping costs?


thank you very much for your attention

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