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The e-commerce.

PHP 5.3.6


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I want to upgrade the PHP version to be PHP 5.3.6 to test the new version of Oscommerce 3.0.2, but I have Oscommerce 2.2 RC2a run on my server.

Is Oscommerce 2.2 RC2a compatible with PHP 5.3.6?

My current PHP version is 5.2.7.


Thanks in advanced.





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If you are merely running a test server then in 2.2RC2A place this at the top of both application_top.php files


error_reporting( 6135 );


That will suppress notices but still allow errors.


Or else as Chris stated, you would have to update the code. see the following for code changes.


Code Changes

- Stop Oscommerce hacks dead in their tracks with osC_Sec (see discussion here)
- Another discussion about infected files ::here::
- A discussion on file permissions ::here::
- Site hacked? Should you upgrade or not, some thoughts ::here::
- Fix the admin login bypass exploit here
- Pareto Security: New security addon I am developing, a remake of osC_Sec in PHP 5 with a number of fixes
- BTC:1LHiMXedmtyq4wcYLedk9i9gkk8A8Hk7qX

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If your host has multiple levels of PHP available, you might be able to put the appropriate command lines in .htaccess to switch to a different PHP level for a given directory tree structure. I.e., you would have PHP 4 as the default (root .htaccess), and in /testStore you would have commands to associate PHP 5 with .php. Ask your host for the specifics on whether they have both PHP 4 and 5 available (it may vary by server), and if so, how to switch between them.


You don't want to run osC 3.0.x anyway (unless you're doing development work, in which case you'd already know how to deal with PHP levels). Use 2.3.1 for a new production store.

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