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Duplicate taxes in back-office


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When I'm adding a new product in the catalogue if I put my price (per exemple 5€), in the on-line store the value will be different (not 5€).


The problem (I think) is due to the zone, shipping and taxes.


I need to have two different handling fees, one for mainland and other for islands (I think is the correct way to say).

The mainland have various different zones and the islands are only two zones.

To set up this, I create two country, one country named mainland with some zones, another country named island with two zones and I have one Tax named IVA at 23%.


The problem was that for the islands clients the product never show the tax (IVA 23%), so I create a second tax with the same value and now the client have their product with the tax.


This solution created another problem, that is in the addition of a new product price the value can be the correct otherwise in the on-line store the value will be wrong (now I don´t remember if it show the price with a double tax or with no tax, but I think is with double tax).


If I put the final price minus one tax the price in the store will be the correct.


The strange is if I have a value in the back-office why in the online store I have another one?


Any idea to resolve this problem?


With one tax, I have tax for the mainland but not for the islands, but the price are equal in the back and front-office.

With two taxes, I have taxes for the mainland and the islands but the price are not equal in the back and front-office.


I think I read in some topics that it´s necessary to duplicate some tables... this is the solution for the dual taxes and my problem? If yes can you explain me the procedure?


Thanks in advance,


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I think I managed to figure out the solution of this problem and it´s really simple.


Basically, instead of having two tax zone, one for each "country", I create only one to encompass all the country's.

Because the tax are the same for the "country" and zones, with this solution (it´s probably a absolute certainty and the normal way to all of you lol) in the back-office the price appears correctly and in the front-office to, plus the correct price with tax appears correct to all the client (mainland and island).


When we don´t know much about a thing, even the most obvious things seem difficult hehe. In this case the solution was obvious and tomorrow I will certificate that everything works correctly.

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