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stop google indexing the product info page.


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Hi All,

i am looking for a way to stop google indexing the product info page, but index the rest of the site.

we have a lot of very similar products and dont want this to compromise our rankings.


I can only think of 2 ways to do this, but cant figure out how to implement either of them.

I should point out that i us STS templates & ultimate SEO urls..


1> if i can put the "no robots" meta tag on just the product info page.

but there is only 1 place i can see to put meta tags with STS and that effects the whole site.


2> if i can make seo output the url as : www.mysite.com/products/catagoryname-productname-id.html instead of www.mysite.com/catagoryname-productname-id.html - and then i can block /products/ in robots txt.


i wasnt sure where to post this, and didnt want to double post.

If any one has any other ideas, or can help with the above - or point me in the right direction that would be great.



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Not having the product pages listed will hurt your rankings much more than any possible duplicate content situation might. The easy fix is to change the text a little for each product page. It doesn't take much to avoid duplicate content situations. As for adding meta tags and STS, you can add them to the head of the product page. There is code in the STS template to load in the <head> section of the actual product page.

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