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Database move/sync question


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I am unsure as to the best way to do a final sync between two databases prior to making a server switch. Any advice appreciated.


About a month ago I successfully transferred the existing files and moved the database to the new server. While the old server continues its duties, I went to work updating and improving… I’ve made new table and drop table changes to the new server database, removed and added some add-ons, added and updated most of the modules. Therefore I cannot just dump the old database and restore to the new.

The old server is a MySQL3 server, the new is MySQL5.


I am ready to make the DNS switch, but first I need to sync the database, but I am thinking only specified tables. Exactly which I am not sure yet, but the only data to sync I think would be Customers, Orders, Addresses, and ???. Basically I need to move the last 30 days new business from the old to the new dbase, then make the DNS switch.


Is there an easy way? (lol)


Thanks much!


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There is no EASY way, but if you export the address_book, customers, customers_info, customers_basket, customers_basket_attributes, orders, orders_products, orders_status, orders_status_history, orders_products_attributes and orders_total tables from the OLD site and import that data into the new database, you should be up to date.



HOWEVER, keep in mind that if you have altered ANY of the above tables during the remodel, then you will have to alter the those tables again once they are integrated into the new database.






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