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File upload Addon?


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I am looking for an add-on that will allow my customers to upload a file/image on check-out as an option. Why I want to be able to have this option is because I am working on a printing service and after the customer has chosen to go with paper size, quality, etc. They continue on to the cart and this is where I want the customer to have the option to select "COMPANY Already Has Image" or "Upload Image". I have done extensive searching for the past 1.5 months and I have not found anything that is adequate for my needs. If there is any other information that is need to point me into the right direction, I am more than willing provide information.


Thank You

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use Option Types 2 to allow customers to upload images/files to your site.





Thank you for the reply. I greatly appreciate it. I have an issue with the zip file that is suppose to contain all the necessary files. After I have finished downloading I try to extract the .zip file. It says that its 0kb and when I try to extract it I get an error. I have tried getting someone else to extract it using a different OS and they get the same issues.

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Chris I appreciate your help. I am currently trying to set up this add-on. 1st step is to upload "OptionTypes v2 SQL.sql" to include the database changes. This is what I took the first step as. when I do this through phpmyadmin I get these errors:


SQL query: Documentation

INSERT INTO configuration VALUES ('', 'Use Progress Bars?', 'OPTIONS_TYPE_PROGRESS', 'Both', 'Set to use the Progress bar for Text Options<br>None = No Progress Bars<br>Text = Textfields only<br>TextArea = TextAreas only<br>Both = Both Text Fields and Areas', last_insert_id(), '4', now(), now(), NULL, 'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'None\', \'Text\', \'TextArea\', \'Both\'),'), ('', 'Upload File Prefix', 'OPTIONS_TYPE_FILEPREFIX', 'Database', 'The prefix that is used to generate unique filenames for uploads.<br>Database = insert id from database<br>Date = the upload Date<br>Time = the upload Time<br>DateTime = Upload Date and Time', last_insert_id(), '5', now(), now(), NULL, 'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'Database\', \'Date\', \'Time\', \'DateTime\'),'), ('', 'Delete Uploads older than', 'OPTIONS_TYPE_PURGETIME', '-2 weeks', 'Uploads in the Temporary folder are automatically deleted when older than this setting.<br>Us[...]

MySQL said: Documentation
#1062 - Duplicate entry '0' for key 1 


If there is any other information that is needed please let me know.

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