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LUHN Sanity Check Rejects International Payments


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Our Webhost designed our site to run with OSCommerce and told us to look here for support. We are having a problem taking International Orders, even though we are set up to accept them. Domestic orders and an order from Canada have gone through without issue, but three separate international orders - from Germany, Switzerland and Australia respectively, have been blocked from completing their orders.


After they put their credit card information in, it tells them cryptically "there is a problem with your credit card". All of them have tried all of their credit cards to the same result, and ended up faxing or phoning their payment information to us, which we were able to process manually without issue.


Since the program is preventing them from submitting due to this erroneous glitch, we are never aware that they made the attempt unless they take the initiative to email us. There is no record that any order is placed because the system is determined that something is wrong. I believe this is a problem being generated by the LUHN sanity check which is mistakenly detecting something about the international orders to be invalid. I encountered the same error myself when I attempted to place a test order with a phony billing address - it would not let me finish submitting the order until I had provided an accurate address. It seems that the system is misinterpreting something about the international credit cards or shipping information to be invalid, but I don't know what or why or how to find out.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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The credit card module or the LUHN check are NOT supported here as they are not part of osCommerce. I would recommend having your host or the developer who created your website go back and check the LUHN module to remove the country check so you can receive international orders.


Also, as a reminder, if your site is NOT PCI DSS compliant you should not be receiving credit card information on your website.






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