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Urgent! Need help tranferring SQl 4.1 site to a new site


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Hi guys, I am a total newby and my Web designer can't look after my site anymore and have to transfer it to a new host.


Unfortunately it is a MySQL 4.1 (?) and apparently needs updating as they found that the dedicated server

had Mysql 4.1 and on the new shared server the Mysql version is 5.1 and so can't transfer my site.


I need to transfer it across, is there anyone that can help me, please


Thanks sooooo much

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If your copy of osC is (dangerously) old, it will have errors with MySQL 5. At worst, you will need to go through and find each place in the code that an SQL query is made using any form of JOIN. If there is a comma-separated list of tables on the left of the JOIN (including other JOINs), you need to wrap that list in parentheses (). If you know what you're doing, you can skip some cases, but if you don't; do them all. There might be an add-on/mod/contribution out there that will take care of at least the base code, but you would still have any add-ons to deal with.


It's likely that your new server also uses PHP 5. Old versions of osC will require patches to work properly. There should be some add-on(s) to do at least the base code.


If your site isn't heavily modified, consider abandoning your old code and just going to osC 2.3.1 and importing/upgrading your database, rather than suffering through the pain of multiple code upgrades. Your old site is probably quite unsecure, too, which is another set of patches you'll need to apply.

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