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Google Chrome can't save entered data


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I had a customer tell me that when using Chrome to enter data on one of my entry screens and clicking the save button the data does not save. It works in IE and FF but not in Chrome. This entry/save problem also occurs when someone working from a cell phone.


Does anyone know what may be causing this problem?





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I went to Google Chrome and cleared cashe memory. I closed the browser and reopend the chrome browser and then went to my site, entered teh data and hit the save button... but it still doesn't save the data into the table(s).


Is there a place in in osCommerce that checks for the type of browser when instering data into a sql table? Or do I have to give some kind of special permissions to insert into a table using chrome.


But it all works in IE and FF... does it have to do with cookies???


Thanks for your time.



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This is the code I changed to get my data to save in Chrome:


Removed this code:<?php echo tep_draw_separator('pixel_trans.gif', '35', '10') . '<a href="' . tep_href_link(FILENAME_PRODUCTS_NEW, '', 'SSL') . '">' . tep_image_submit('button_save.gif', IMAGE_BUTTON_SAVE) . '</a>'; ?></td><td width="10"><?php echo tep_draw_separator('pixel_trans.gif', '10', '1'); ?></td> Replaced with: <td><?php echo tep_draw_separator('pixel_trans.gif', '1', '10') . tep_image_submit('button_continue.gif', IMAGE_BUTTON_CONTINUE); ?></td>

Chrome either did not like the '<a href="' . tep_href_link(FILENAME_PRODUCTS_NEW, '', 'SSL') . '">'

OR ('button_save.gif', IMAGE_BUTTON_SAVE).

BUT when I replaced it with the tep_image_submit code found in the create_account.php module it saved my data.

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