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Sitemonitor and Hach


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Good morning to all of you. I need to ask if when the sitemonitor saiying that a file is "eval" then how someone without knowledge is going to decide if he must delete this lines or not?

If you delete them are you going to destroy your webpage? What other program it is sure that is going to delete only the bad code and not something usefull?

After a sitemonitor search i took this


Checked 113 directories containing a total of 891 files. Skipped 714 files. 29 suspected hacked files found.


- If the Ref column is checked, it means the file was found in the reference file and is unlikely to be a hacked file.

- The entry in the Line column refers to the line the suspected hacker code was found in the file.

- The majority of hacker code is inserted in the first or last few lines of a file. Use that as a guide to determine if a file has been hacked.

- The entry in the File column refers to the suspected hacked file. Clicking on it will display a popup displaying the contents of the file.

- If the Dates Match column is checked, it means the suspect file has the same date as that recorded in the reference file.

- The color of the entry provides the following information:

Found in the reference file

Not in the reference file - higher probability of it being a hacker file

A php file was found in an images directory - not normal

A php file was found in an images directory and was not in the reference file - higher probability of it being a hacker file


Ref Line File Hacker Code Dates Match Exclude



80 download.php eval

38 ext/jquery/fancybox/jquery.easing-1.3.pack.js eval

478 ext/jquery/ui/jquery-ui-1.8.6.min.js eval

125 ext/modules/payment/sage_pay/errors.php system

39 includes/classes/supertracker.php system

554 includes/functions/general.php eval

38 includes/languages/english/conditions.php system

21 includes/languages/english/privacy.php system

14 includes/languages/english/modules/payment/inpay.php system

866 includes/modules/header_tags/ht_mailchimp_360/MCAPI.class.php system

2 includes/modules/header_tags/ht_mailchimp_360/mc360.php system

344 includes/modules/payment/paypal_standard.php base64_decode

424 includes/modules/payment/sage_pay_form.php base64_decode

86 includes/modules/shipping/zones.php system

107 admin/configuration.php eval

231 admin/modules.php eval

18 admin/server_info.php system

18 admin/sitemonitor_configure_0.php error_reporting(0)

715 admin/sitemonitor_reference_0.php system

241 admin/backups/db_iliofosg_estore-20110603211233.sql system

344 admin/backups/db_iliofosg_estore-20110721100553.sql system

387 admin/backups/db_iliofosg_estore-20110726185612.sql system

379 admin/ext/modules/payment/sofortueberweisung/install.php system

471 admin/includes/classes/phplot.php eval

926 admin/includes/functions/general.php eval

56 admin/includes/javascript/calendarcode.js eval

75 admin/includes/javascript/spiffyCal/spiffyCal_v2_1.js eval

25 admin/includes/languages/english/server_info.php system

61 admin/includes/modules/newsletters/product_notification.php eval


Overwrite Exclude File: Create a new exclude file, if checked, or add to the existing one.


Does the Virus Threat scan is it going to help me ?Do i have to delete these lines imedietely?

Thanks for your help.

One amateur made the Arc, 5.000 pro made the Titanic...

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