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Store logo as background or cetered on page


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I would like to center my logo on my pages and I will already know how to make the file larger to cover the page. It is a picture where you can read text through it. I inspected the element through firebug and I get:




<div class="container_24" id="bodyWrapper">



<div class="grid_24" id="header">

<div id="storeLogo"><a href="http://www.ikeslist.com/eatmynoise/index.php"><img height="367" width="504" title=" prettycube " alt="prettycube" src="images/store_logo.png"></a></div>


I think there must be a way to change this div tag to make the logo centered on the page. It is large for a header and I want it to cover the whole page and not be a header. I can change the dimensions to make it cover the page, but the trick would be to center it. Also the box on the left covers part of the picture, so it would be even nicer to move the picture to the right of the navigation box, or make the box trasparent (but that's probably asking a lot). The test install is at http://ikeslist.com/eatmynoise/ where you can see what it looks like now.

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If you don't want it in the header then you need to move you image code into index.php just after <div class="contentContainer">

The first idea seems like a winner. It should let me have it centered, and when I mentioned it was too big for a header, that is so far not a problem, at least when I am seeing it in firefox, since the header will cover the whole page as it gets bigger than the header area.

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