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The e-commerce.

Why is "A" coming up when i proceed to checkout?


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Hi Guys.


im probably being picky, but its my store so im allowed to be. haha


when i proceed to checkout. Something very strange happens... take a look at the picture and you will see what i mean




Why is there "A" next to the order price? Ive had a look but cant find a valid reason for it being there


Thanks Guys



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Very common problem. The "pound sterling" sign was defined in UTF-8 encoding, while the page is being displayed in Latin-1 (ISO-8859-1) or perhaps Latin-9/ISO-8859-15. Either way, you need to correct the mismatch. Or, you can change from the two-byte "pound" character to the HTML entity £ .

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Thanks Guys.


Phil, i took your advice and went for the £ ... It worked a treat!




Hi Aaron,


I`ve been battling with the same problem on my site. What file did you have to change the pound to &pound. I`ve looked so much in the code that I can`t see the wood for the trees.


Many Thanks



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