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The e-commerce.

Picture behind logo


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Using OSC V2.3.1

mods - Header tags SEO and Featured Products


Hi Forum,


I would like to have the shop logo superimposed on a picture.


I added the following to catalog/includes/header.php ........


<table class="bground" width="600">


(Placed immediately after the first ?>


I then added the following to catalog/stylesheet.css...........


.bground {

background: url(images/background.png);



The picture I want to display is at catalog/images/background.png. I've attached the original.

(picture is 600 x 120 pixels)


When I open the shop ( www.custompc.ch ), nothing different - no picture - just the same as with no code.


I found the procedure with a forum search but something's not working.

Me no expert with html / php etc.,


Be grateful for any assistance.


I do see a couple of problems....

1) The white background of the logo is not transparent so the logo will cut a rectangle out of the picture I guess - I can re-work it in GIMP.

2) The picture would need to be 'washed out' a bit so that it doesn't appear too 'strong' - how would I do that ?


Many thanks for any assistance.



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Try this: stylesheet.css


Find #header

Replace with this:

#header {
 height: 60px;
 background-image: url('images/background.png'); /*image name*/
 filter:alpha(opacity=70); /* this line and next 3 lines sets the transparency for different browsers */
 -khtml-opacity: 0.7;
  opacity: 0.7;

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Nice one Don - right on the money !!


Many thanks




I would like to take a moment and actually thank you.


Thank you for the plus 1 and letting me know that the suggestion I offered, if at the very least put you on the right track. Many people, just get their answer and run. It is very nice to see some feedback.


Good Luck!


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