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The e-commerce.

When someone buys an email item, I went it to appear in OsC as an order


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I can't seem to find any information on this.

Basically when someone buys one of our products on eBay, I want it to appear as an OsCommerce order in my Admin. That way, we can find all our orders "in one place". Right now we have to check our emails for eBay orders AND our Oscommerce admin.


I'm sure that the PayPal IPN is the way to do this - in theory it should get called every time you get a payment from eBay (as long as it is enabled in the PayPal profile) - so are there any contribs for the IPN file to do this?



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You can't use PayPal IPN to write an order to osCommerce. ALL orders in osCommerce MUST be processed from within osCommerce and all must begin and end with an OSCID.






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Thanks for the reply - but I don't believe you - just recently I hacked the crap out of paypal_express.php and as soon as PayPal sent back the customer's address I got OsCommerce to insert the order directly into the database, add a customer, generate a random 15-digit password, and add his default delivery address.

If I enable IPN in my PayPal profile, in theory, after any eBay customer pays me, PayPal will send a POST transaction to my IPN url -- all I have to do is edit my IPN file in OscOmmerce and get it to do the same..

..I'm just REALLY surprised that nobody has done this before me?

But what if you're right? Can you tell me about this 'OscID' requirement?

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Holy Crap!

I just disabled cookies in Firefox and now I see it forgets my cart!

Damn - I wish I knew about this sooner - I was wondering why some people weren't checking out!!!!!!!!!


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