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Changing Shopping cart text colour on main page


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I have a problem trying to change the text colour of the shopping cart text on the main page of my site.It is the number of items ie 0 items that I want to change as it is a link to the cart and is green colour but I want to change it to blue. I have had a look at the stylesheet and the a hover styles and changed them but it is still green. Any help would be massively apprceiated


Kind Regards



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I just had a look at my stylesheet because I made mine do that and I have this:


A {

color: #06C; /*#000000*/

text-decoration: none;



A:hover {

color: #00F;

text-decoration: underline;



Now, this might change all links on your website, so give it a try and if that's no good, you'll have to find the sourcecode of the shopping cart, find the link code and try add a style like <a style="color:#06C; text-decoration: underline" ...

I hope that helps

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Oh crap, before I forget... when you make changes to your stylesheet and upload them - you should hard-refresh your browser. in most browsers this is

Shift + F5

That will refresh the browser's cache and will fetch a new copy of the stylesheet with your new changes :)

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