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The e-commerce.

!On the Fly Autothumbnailer for os 2.3.1 Help!


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Hi genious people!


This is the famous contribution that i want to install to my store,but i dont know hoy!i have followed the guide that is included in the package,but apparently the guide is for another earlir version.

-i do not know which of the tons of updates packages i should download for the 2.3.1 oscommerce

-how to install it!?

-first of all!,is it compatible with 2.3.1?!



i tried to install it and the following error appears on the page :Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '}' in C:\xampp\htdocs\catalog\includes\functions\html_output.php on line 198 (i did it locally of course!im not risking my main site!buckup always people!)


this is the link of the contribution.


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It can be used with 2.31 , just do the install manually following the add-on instructions carefully.

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You should be able to use this one: On the fly Auto Thumbnailer 2.4 fix 3 + Trucolour/better resampling for GIF better GIF transparency support + minor palette fix 7 Sep 2008

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I recently downloaded and installed 'On The Fly' Auto Thumbnailer using GD Library for v2.3.1, but it doesn't seem to be working as expected.


The thumbnails on the product listing page appear to be resized.


But when I go into the product_info page, none of the large images are resized.


Nor is anything in the Admin section even though I've installed the extra code.


Anyone know how to get the large image thumbnails to be properly resized, or know of a contribution that does this already?



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The large image thumbnails are controlled by Javascript in product_info.php. Find this line:


  thumbwidth: <?php echo (($pi_counter > 1) ? '75' : '0'); ?>,

and change the 75 to whatever width you want.




See my profile for a list of my addons and ways to get support.

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