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JQuery for background image?


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Hi All!


Although I hate using images as backgrounds, a customer of mine is insistent on using one :s. I found a script that I've used before which works pretty well. The problem is that I'm kind of a PHP n00b, so I don't quire know where I should be putting the code. If anyone can let me know/give me some insight so I know for the future, it would be very helpful!



Thanks and here's the script if anyone would like to use it :)



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I am assuming that you are using Osc 2.3.1 - place the jquery.fullscreenr.js inside the folder ext/jquery/ui , add this code to your header.php(catalog/includes/header.php) - <script src="ext/jquery/ui/jquery.fullscreenr.js" type="text/javascript"></script> (make sure ,to place it a bit lower down with the other scripts ) ,include the css files in a similar way or better add those css codes to stylesheet.css present at the root of your store directory.


Continuing in your header.php, paste the codes for adding the background image ,right after the opening body tag.

<!-- This is the background image -->
<img id="bgimg" src="img/bg.jpg" />
<!-- Here the "real" body starts, where you can put your website -->


Place the image raster.png wherever you want to (preferably inside the images folder at the root of your website ,and make sure the call path to raster.png in the css is correct.

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