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Shipping costs for item A, not B and C if A is chosen


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Is it possible to add an additional amount or change the sum of the shipping costs if a specific product is ordered?


I have a product that requires a special box for transport, but only one box because it holds a lot. So I can´t just raise the price of the product a little.


I can´t put the product in a particular category and adjust any category price as other goods can be sent in the same box and keep shipping costs down for the customer.


Now I have tried so many contibutions, rebuilt them for 2.3.1 the best way I can and none (that I found so far) has met this problem. I have searched for days in this forum and tested different advices on simular issues but not found any information that meets my specific problem.


Basically, if item A is chosen it should be just item A´s box used and no shipping costs should be added for item B and item C, (or more from item A).


ex.1 shipping


2x Item B 2kg 100,00

1x Item C 1kg 50,00

total 150,00





1x Item A 1kg 250,00

2x Item B 2kg 0,00

1x Item C 1kg 0,00

total 250,00




Is there anyone here who sees an opportunity to somehow solve this problem?

I have a fairly modded (and now jammed with BOF and EOF) 2.3.1

Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!



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After three days of testing I found that Individual Prices Product Shipping - v1.0

(http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/1333) was possible to change and get to work fine

with 3.2.1 and works well for my purpose.


How ever, it was not possible to use this while I had Separate Pricing Per Customer

(http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/716) installed and working with 3.2.1


I will probably need both and can´t find a way around this problem.

Does anyone know if this mix of SPPC and PSM 2.0 was possible in 2.2?

Then maybe I can solve this also for 2.3.1



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