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Thousands of views on a couple of products


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I have a strange situation where a 2 products on our website are being viewed many thosuands of times over a period of a week. This has nothing to do with their popularity or sales. Has anyone come across thsi before? IS it a bug/hacking attempt or a competitor using a package to track our prices?


Any help/ideas appreciated



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In my experience, this happens then rouge IP's are exploring my site for emails address and "contact us" and "write a review forms" and "create an account". This rouge IP's hit these pages alot because of the many links to them. These rouge IP's and smam sending robots. After I installed IP Blacklist (look at my sig) I never good a spam message again anf stopped smap attacks. NEVER AGAIN!!! The IP's simply query the url and this makes it seem as it got a view.


If you are getting spam or if you are also getting the same IP many times in the "whos online" page then it is probaly spam bots. This is just a sugestion, yet it is a possibility.

- Luc

My Installed Contributions:

1. Ultimate SEO URLs V 2-2.2d-X

2. Quantity Box on Product Info Page

3. httpbl4osc Version 1.1.0

4. QTpro for osc 2.3

5. Header Tags SEO V 3.0 (For 2.3)

6. DHTML State Selection for 2.3.1

And Good To Know:

I use a 960gs fluid style sheet.

I do have a honey pot on my website.

Store Version: 2.3


“Pain is temporary. Quitting lasts forever."

- Lance Armstrong

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