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The e-commerce.

Specific Questions on osCommerce

Rob Mercer

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I have two specific questions. I greatly appreciate the fine responses I have gotten to my other question.


I use Dreamweaver for site design. I am working on a design for a new client. Only a tiny part of the site will involve eCommerce. I would like to set up the site without regard for eCommerce. Then near the end I would like to download osCommerce and integrate it into the Dreamweaver file structure. Is this possible? Is is a good idea? I want to make my own unique layout and then just use osCommerce for the functionality I will need for the small part of the site that involves eCommerce. Would this be hard to do with Dreamweaver? I use Dreamweaver CS4.


I did an online search and found a set of videos by Steve Braithwaite. These contend that they will take you step by step through an eCommerce setup using osCommerce. I looked at a few of the free ones and they seem pretty good. Most aren't free. Are these worth the money? Are there any useful books available on osCommerce?


Thanks in advance for your advice.

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Your specific question sounds very similar to your general question


I don't know what you mean with "Dreamweaver file structure", so I can't tell you if it is possible. There is no such thing like "Dreamweaver file structure", there are files in a folder structure that you like and prefer to access using dreamweaver. Probably you mean any files you have already that are plain html files


Some comments to this

- You can edit osCommerce files with dreamweaver but not in the "design view" that you probably use. You can do it only in the "code view" or even better use any other php (or plain text) editor, there are many free around

- You have 2 ways to "connect" your html pages with osCommerce

1) You add osCommerce as a separate directory to the root folder (so it looks like mydomain.com/store/)

2) You add all of your existing pages into the osCommerce folder and modify them to php files


In case you go with (1), there will be the danger that customers will loose their session id when jumping from the store to html pages and back again to the store. (eg they will get an empty cart, will be logged out etc). So you will need to include file includes/application_top.php to all of your other files (= again turn them to php files)


You said the store will have just 2 products, so I really don't know if this is worth to do. Maybe a plain paypal button will do it?


In general, since you do this for a client, I don't think that the right start will be to start watching any tutorials. I would learn osCommerce first before taking any osCommerce projects. Well anyway, you have the project now, so maybe the best is you find an other developer, subcontract the oscommerce part of your project and try to learn as much you can from him. That would be better for your client and for you and for sure better tan watching any video tutorials (I don't know them, maybe they are great)

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