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Which Paypal Express Module to use?


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could anyone suggest a paypal express module which works well?


I've been using the certified one, but its pretty basic and had some issues. So I wanted to know what anyone else would recommend?


Ideally I would like a but more back end functionality than just taking the money, if that's possible?





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To my knowledge, there isn't any other PayPal Express module for osCommerce. The basic idea of the PayPal express module is to take the customers money and add it to your PayPal account, I can't see what other functionality would be required.






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Hi Chris,


Maybe i should have said that I'm using 2.2?


A quick search shows around half dozen different express modules, as well as the 'certified' one there are 'official' paypal ones. There are others, some of them appear to give functionality to hold 'address not verified' orders, some say that you can process refunds etc from the back end of osc




* Capable of declining unverified PayPal accounts. (Optional - setup through admin)


* Customers can select verified shipping address from PayPal file, and alter the shipping address set in checkout shipping page. (Express Checkout API built-in feature - This makes seller protection fully eligible possible)


We just find it a pain in the bottom to to refunds etc on part orders as you have to log into paypal to do it, so I was wondering if there was a better way which i was missing?


All the best



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"The basic idea of the PayPal express module is to take the customers money and add it to your PayPal account"

--That's not entirely true. I just ended up researching the PayPal API and you can do a whole host of stuff - you can pass through the cart details, shipping, tax, discount, insurance, etc etc

But I could also use some help with this issue - I've spent another several hours playing with PayPal modules (this is in addition to the SEVERAL DAYS I spent previously and I'm still not happy :(


People have their Shipping Address stored in PayPal.

I want to use PayPal Express to retrieve the shipping address


the customer chooses shipping method based on postcode


the customer makes payment.


But PayPal Express just passes the whole order amount to PayPal. They then get forwarded back to your website to complete payment -- but now you can't change the order details :(

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