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Hello people


I'm new to oscommerce but decided to select it for my cart software, I've read some documentation, tutorials and search on the forums on changing oscommerce looks, however i've hit a few problems if someone could help me


link: www.subwaveit.com.au/products/


1) I changed the osc_template.php file to reduce the width from 960, however the page is not center, the background is the center so i need to move it to the right a little to center it all out so it looks similar to www.subwaveit.com.au/index.php.


I've been playing around with the 960GS css file but i always seem to screw it up, I was told that i did not need to edit that file just the template php files.


if anyone could help would greatly appreciate it!

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You better don't touch the 960 stylesheet at all, most possible is you produce a mess :)


There are 2 ways to go

1) If you want to change the overall width of your store, then you need to create an other stylesheet with the desired width and replace the 960 one. This you can do online here You can take a look here for step by step instructions


2) You can change just the width of the "middle part" - the part within the 2 columns, keeping the overall width of 960 pixels, you can read more about this here

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Thanks multimixer


here is how i done it:


I followed the step by step instructions here


Then applied the correct widths in the css grid here


uploaded the new css


then made little corrections in the osc_template.php


bom! works perfectly. cheers!

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