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The e-commerce.

Fake Admin Accounts


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About every few days I get a fake admin account added to my oscommerce admin list..

Its normally somethings like: adxxx4s00 or 12wi8i000 weird stuff like that..


Now, they aren't making any changes or anything but how can I stop this?

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Don't only read it but also implement the recommendations.


If they can add admin users they can insert orders and harvest your customer information and .......


It is not difficult to secure your site just a bit scary when you start out if you have never done it before.





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While there are no known easy breakin methods for the latest osCommerce version as there are for earlier versions, it doesn't hurt to protect the admin directory either by changing its name or adding htpasswd protection in fact on any form of content management systems.

- Stop Oscommerce hacks dead in their tracks with osC_Sec (see discussion here)
- Another discussion about infected files ::here::
- A discussion on file permissions ::here::
- Site hacked? Should you upgrade or not, some thoughts ::here::
- Fix the admin login bypass exploit here
- Pareto Security: New security addon I am developing, a remake of osC_Sec in PHP 5 with a number of fixes
- BTC:1LHiMXedmtyq4wcYLedk9i9gkk8A8Hk7qX

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