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Few changes required & help is needed please

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Hi All,


First let me say that I am working on version 2.3.1 and I was wondering if someone can please help or direct me in the direction to find help regarding a few things I have found that I am having problems with on my website.



1. On 2 pages ( color chart ) & ( pearl chart ), my right column is appearing in the center of the page under the charts. I have changed the sizes of the color charts but that didn't seem to help. I could not find anything in the forum or the internet regarding something like this occurring. I will include a link page so you can see what I mean.


Color Chart



2. My second problem may be a easy one but I could not find anything. I checked under invoices and general. On my invoices everything is fine but it does not show the shipping or shipping costs on the invoice. The shipping module was a addon. I have checked my admin to verify that I input everything correctly and it looks fine.


( I verified it using the information provided at http://www.oscommerce.info/confluence/display/OSCOM23/osCommerce+Online+Merchant+v2.3.



3. My last problem is that my search is not working as I would like it too and was wondering if I am doing something wrong. You can search my store for category items but not by product. In my case you can search for style of item but not color. Is there a special contribution that I need or would I be looking for inputting certain information in a php file ?



Any help or advise would be greatly appreciated. I thank you in advance for your time and knowledge.


Best Regards,


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I'm not sure if this has something to do with it BUT looking at the source on crystals.php, I see that you have your doctype declared with some javascript underneath that. Then, if you scroll down, your doctype is declared again with all of the other correct tags under it. Look in your includes/template_top.php and remove the extra doctype and move the javascript into the <head> section before the closing </head> tag. *Sometimes* the layout errors that are like the one you are experiencing is caused by an extra <div> or </div> tag.


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Hi Tracie,



1) The crystals.php page exceeds the maximum width, forcing your right column below the table.


2) I would need to know which shipping contribution you used in order to help you with this.


3) If you want to include attributes, you will need to add something like this.







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Thank you so much for the information.


1. I will need to look at the php file and look up the size I need to use.


2. I used the Multiple Flat Rates V2 add on as was suggested in the forum.


3. Thank you for this add on but it did not work. I have the original search php files so it was a simple upload . When I try to do a color search, there is no results. When I try to do a advance search I get the following error.


You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'by p.products_id having cnt = 1 order by pd.products_name' at line 1



Thank you in advance for all your help.



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