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Changing Displayed Products


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Sorry for the newbie question but not knowing the frame names slows this down... In the main frame of the store... the default template display 3 items across. I want to change this display to 4 or possibly 5 across....


I was able to find an article on the specials.php page and the pics just resized which was great.. now I just need it on the main site....


Any help would be great...



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if you mean the box on the index page with the images in, its called the new products module and you will find it in catalog / includes / modules / new_products.php

open the file to edit it and on, or around line 37 find

 if (($col > 2) || ($counter == $num_new_products)) {

alter the number to amount of columns you require, notice that too many columns is going to throw the site out of align

$col>3 means 4 columns

$col>4 means 5 columns

and so on...


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