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The requested URL /install was not found on this server - Solution


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The requested URL /install was not found on this server


I've seen quite a few people get this error while installing osCommerce so i thought i'd make a quick guide to hopefully help someone out.


Step 1. Please travel to your www directory

Step 2. While inside the www directory, travel to your osCommerce folder, which will most likely be oscommerce-2.3.1

Step 3. There are two things which could come up next, if you see the catalog folder sitting alone continue with this step, otherwise skip to step 4. Enter the catalog folder

Step 4. Enter the install folder


Now, you should see your location somewhere near the top of the window, for example - www (arrow) oscommerce-2.3.1 (arrow) catalog (arrow) install


Please keep in mind your oscommerce version might be different or you might have renamed the files but that's not a problem, the above is only an example. You may also be missing the catalog folder but that's fine too.


Now, starting from the www directory, read out the list of folders you see and take note of their order. For example, if you see oscommerce-3.0.1 (arrow) install then you will type the following into your browser.


http:// www.yourdomain.com/ oscommerce-3.0.1/install OR if you do not have your own domain, type in the following.

http:// localhost/ oscommerce-3.0.1/install


What you have to type in may be different, it all depends on the location of that install file, by reading its location you can determine what to type into your browser.

Please note - ignore the spaces in the two adresses I gave you, before oscommerce-3.0.1, www and localhost. I had to put them in to get it to display correctly.

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