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Multiple sites on one server


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Looking for information on how search engines handle sites with subdomains or sites located outside the root. For example if I want to start a new OS site and not pay for a new SSL certificate, should I set it up as newsite.mysite.com, or mysite.com/newsite/. I would like it to be newsite.com, but that would require a new SSL and a new account(I was told) if I wanted to process CC using paypal payments pro..thanks!

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Depending on your hosting provider, you MIGHT be able to use mysite.com/catalog and retain the SSL certificate. Some hosting providers allow you to select your start directory from your server so even if your customers type in mysite.com, they would automatically be sent to the mysite.com/catalog/ directory.




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I am trying to achieve the same.


For examples, when emails are sent from the site the user recieves something like:





It would be nice to mask this to simply www.newsite.com



any ideas?

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