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random dropped order issue - Form v1.2


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I'm having an issue at the moment, i'm using Sagepay Form v1.2

VERY intermittantly (twice in the last 6 months or so) we get a customer phone up saying they tried to place an order and the site returned a transaction failed error for them, only for them to find that they had actually been charged for the order.

Furthermore, there is no record of the order placed in oscommerce. I know, right.


Anyway, after some hefty searching I found this this thread in which the very last post pretty much describes the issue i'm having, and indeed a solution to it happening. Solution follows:


We had the same problem.

It seemed to be the issue was that anytime a cartid was returned in the order number the customer was transferred to the wrong page, and was told the transaction failed (even though it didn't). We have amended the module to not include the cartid and this seems to have resolved the issue.


When the order number was created without a cartid the transaction was fine - I dont know why it hadnt included a cartid though!


So the issue is to do with the cartid - just not sure why!


If the above is to be believed, then my solution would be to write the $cartid variable out of the module - from what i understand. Im no programmer but looking at the module this wouldn't look to be a massive issue - although I'd clearly mess it up and be back here in minutes asking for more help so.....


So my questions are thus:


1) has anyone else heard of this issue other than me, floob last december, and tigergirl 18 months or so ago?

2) does this sound like it could actually be a solution to my issue?

2) what are the implications of writing the $cartid variable out of the module?

3) and err.. how do i do it?


tigergirl if you read this, did you manage to solve this issue?


Huge thanks for any info on this.



Bryndog, a lone crusader charged with not messing up

Thanks to any an all for your help and advice.

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Did you get anywhere with this?


I have the same problem as you, but more regularly - I get quite a lot of orders where they complete the payment through sage pay form, and are directed back to the web site, the page they're directed to is checkout_process.php , and that should process the order then redirect them to checkout_success.php which confirms they have placed the order etc. The problem I have is that checkout_process tells them the payment hasn't gone through, and they are taken back to the checkout_payment.php page so they can select a payment method and try again... this results in them making several payments and no order actually making it to the database. Sometimes the payment goes through fine, creates the order and all is well, sometimes this is the first attept, sometimes it's the second , third or not at all!


I'm going to read through that thread now and see where it gets me.

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No didn't get any further with this issue im afraid - after no joy on this issue, i spent 2 weeks trying to make sagepay server work with our store and just get errors all the time. Sagepay tech have been exactly no help at all and I'm considering moving to another payment gateway if I cant get it working this weekend.

Will keep you posted if I manage it.

I have found forums where people have this issue but noone explains how to solve it.



This seems to be a rather serious issue.

Bryndog, a lone crusader charged with not messing up

Thanks to any an all for your help and advice.

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tigergirl if you read this, did you manage to solve this issue?



I have posted many times in this forum that I was never able to solve this issue in Form. I changed to Server and have never had that issue again. I suggest you try to get Server version working and check the fix needed if you're using seo urls.



I'm feeling lucky today......maybe someone will answer my post!

I do try and answer a simple post when I can just to give something back.


PM me? - I'm not for hire

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