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zone rates only use first weight for calc


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hi all


i am trying to set up zone rate shipping


i have 3 zones - GB, Europe and US


zone set up working fine -just shown zone 1 and 2 below as example


however when i enter the calc rates




Zone Based Rates


Enable Zones Method



Tax Class



Sort Order



Zone 1 Countries



Zone 1 Shipping Table



Zone 1 Handling Fee



Zone 2 Countries



Zone 2 Shipping Table




when i put items in shopping basket and check out it only ever takes the first shipping rate





say the item purchased re US was 3kg, then shipping cost should be 8.50 - this works fine


then say item purchsed 8 kg then shipping cost shd now be 10.50 but the system is still showing 8.50


regardless of weight of items - when i reach check out the system only ever takes the first shipping rate from the shipping table


any ideas whats going wrong anyone




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hi all


been investigating more and found out that


even if a product for sale has NO weight, the shipping cost is still the first cost in the list


when i first set this up the tare weight was set to zero


so i started look at tareweight and it appears as if this is the only weight taken into account for the calulation




table reads



with tare weight set to zero -put an item in the shopping baset with a weight of 5kg then the price should be 15 but it only shows as 8


leave this 5kg item in the shopping cart, increase tare weight to 2kg (total 7kg) price should be 24 but is only 10.50 which is in the second weight band


leave this 5kg item in the shopping cart, increase tare weight to 3kg (total 8kg) price should be 24 but is only 15 which is in the third weight band


so basically the system is only looking at the tare weight for the calc and ignoring the weight of the product item


any help much appreciated - can post copy of zone.php if it helps



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hi every one


solved this


the problem was actually in the file checkout_shipping.php


in the code around line 61 is



$total_weight = $cart->show_weight();

$total_count = $cart->count_contents();



both of these lines were set with // in front of them which effectivly removed them


took away the // and works fine



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Hi Mark,


Glad you managed to sort it yourself - I don't think anyone else would have caught on to that somehow.


Standard 2.3.1 has those lines uncommented as does 2.2 - are you using a template by any chance?

My store is currently running Phoenix

I'm currently working on and hope to get it live before arrives (maybe 🙄 )

I used to have a list of add-ons here but I've found that with the ones that supporters of Phoenix get any other add-ons are not really neccessary

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yes its for a customer i am building a store for - they purchased a template and i am working with that


only guessed it was the checkout_shipping.php as i tried to configure the table rate shipping module but had the same results as with the zones, - then figured the only place the two came together was in the checkout_shipping.php page


so then compared mine to standard untemplated page and found it


so forget coding, i think with templates it more about being a detective



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