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Easy populate + Different Supplier prices


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Hey guys, i hope someone can help me with this problem, I need to get the easy populate to export 1 more table, diff from products and products_description, the table I want to export and be able to import again is suppliers_products_groups , how will I go about doing this?? the fields are suppliers_group_id, suppliers_price, suppliers_ve, suppliers_min_order, suppliers_model, suppliers_url, suppliers_comment, products_price ..



Thanks in advance :)

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I have done this. First, the v does something, so use v_suppliers_group_id, not suppliers_group_id. Next, easy populate works with the products table and warns that it may not work with other tables, so instead of a new suppliers database table, just add onto the products table. I would pick an existing field like v_products_name_1, and mimic it. Go into PHP MyAdmin and look at the v_products_name_1 field in the data base. Add your fields in that table, mimicking the structure. Then go to your Easy Populate PHP pages, and mimic those lines adding your fields.


Worked for me.

My experience relates to osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2 RC2

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