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[Contribution] Theme Switcher Store


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I can't seem to get this theme switcher started. Is there anything special that I have to do?

I went into modules and color themes, yet nothing happened - just told me the path to the themes.

So I don't understand what I need to do please. I am a newbie at this new themes stuff and don't know where to go to learn to do my own.

ta so much

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Problema ...



15. Log into your store's Admin panel, click Modules in the left column, then click Color Themes


quale "Color Themes" ... non c'è nessun "Color Themes" da cliccare. :blink:

no "Color Themes" to click


(mi rifefrisco a questo: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/7889 )

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Just need a little help. I've followed the instructions for a modified site very closely but when i log in to admin and click modules - color theme, there is no module visible.


Any clues as to what i might have done wrong?





Installed Version: osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3.1

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Hey, thanks for this add-on :)

I installed and changed the colours no problem apart from one.


The boxes at the top of the page disappeared.




Can anyone help with this?





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This looks good and have it working. But was wondering how you change the background of your store as mine is white.









Go to the link then after doing step 1 go to stylesheet.css change background colour code on line 18 with codes from HERE

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Need Help Please


In the install doc.


If you are starting with an unmodified copy of osCommerce 2.3 Do you mean new installation?


you can simply upload all of the catalog New and catolag Modified files directory of this Distribution to your site Where in the main directory or inside the catalog directory?


Copy the le-frog (or whatever yours is named) directory in its entirety into the catalog/ext/jquery/ui directory on your server.

Copy the entire directory with all of its files and subdirectory structure intact.

Do not copy the themes or development-bundle directory or the Zip file.


So do you mean the whole le-frog folder?



I need to make sure that I understand it, because I have done it twice and can't get the theme to appear in the admin/color themes / install



It would have been much easier with a video instruction, Many Thanks

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