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The e-commerce.

:-( deleted admin folder! help!


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I accidentally deleted my admin folder this morning. I reuploaded the folder but now I'm getting the following error message when attempting to go to my osCommerce admin site. Please help if you can. :'( :'( :'( :'(


Warning: mysql_connect() [function.mysql-connect]: Access denied for user 'royalac1'@'localhost' (using password: NO) in /home/royalac1/public_html/admin/includes/functions/database.php on line 19

Unable to connect to database server!

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I would say that you haven't defined your admin/includes/configure.php correctly (if at all)

My store is currently running Phoenix

I'm currently working on and hope to get it live before arrives (maybe 🙄 )

I used to have a list of add-ons here but I've found that with the ones that supporters of Phoenix get any other add-ons are not really neccessary

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Line 19 has nothing to do with the actual problem, that is just where osCommerce calls for the database username and password so the error line appears there. Check your database username and password in the two configure.php files to ensure they match your database username and password you created using MYSQL in your hosting account cpanel.





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Open ur configure.php file in /catalog/admin/Includes/ there are some information needs to be changed according to the way u initially setup the store. This file contains vital information like ur store root directory, database address, database login user name and password. Ur error msg says can not connect to database, u must have not corrected them from a stock file to values that u setup the store the first time.


A good place to look will be shop front configure.php file and u can find it at this location: /catalog/includes/configure.php


What u gonna do next is to compare every line of the configure.php in /catalog/admin/includes/ against the configure.php file in /catalog/includes/


Only copy and paste the values that requires by admin size configure file. Any other lines are not mentioned in admin side file, do not copy over. Also to remember, do not modify anything in shopfront configure file.


I think that should get ur admin bk to work.


However, as one of the replies said that google or other anti nastybuggy software warmed ur site may not be safe to visit, that means ur site may have been compromised/hacked.


Suggest u to cleanising ur file server and database, start from zero to rebuild ur store and patch all known security risks. There is a forum post made by spook, do a search on the forum with keyword 'security' and u should be able to find it.


Good luck

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This link will explain how to secure your site


Try this link for a few tips on how to disinfect a hacked site.







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